Micro Tunneling (MT)

CFCC has massively invested in the most sophisticated Micro Tunneling (MT) technology from Germany. This technology allows us to construct accurate it subsurface installations of Steel, Vitrified Clay or Reinforced Concrete Pipes various sizes in any soil conditions with a minimum disruption to surface facilities and within minimum time frame. Therefore, Micro Tunneling (MT) technology is approved worldwide as the most effective and safest procedure in utility construction industry and preferred over traditional open-cut approach not only under highways but also in populated urban areas. Micro Tunneling (MT) is an advanced pipe jacking technique for installing non man-entry pipelines using a steerlable and remotely controlled cutting head. A hydraulically driven tunneling head is rotated by hydraulic motors and thrust against ground by means of surface jacks. Excavated material is transported from tunnel face into settlement tank aas slurry, where it is re-circulated after solids are removed. Steering of cutting head is done by means of remotely controlled atriculated joints and using laser guidance control system monitors the accuracy of the bore.


  • Minimal damage on surface & environmnet.
  • Noise level& traffic disruption is minimal.
  • Applicable below water table.
  • Non man-entry pipes can be installed.
  • Steerable, therefore accurate installation of the product pipes.


  • Drive and reception shafts are required.
  • Capital investment is high.
  • Skilled operators are required.
  • Thorough site investigation is must.

Technical Data

  • Lenghts Up to 200 meters
  • Diameters 300 to 3000 mm
  • Materials Steel, RCP or Clay

Micro Tunneling Procedure

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