Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

To fulfill growing markets of telecommunication industry in the Gulf Region and complement its pipelining projects, CFFC has decided to acquire Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) capabilities as well. After a careful analysis of market requirements and technology screening procedure, it was decided to invest in medium size HDD setups that allow subsurface installation of flexible pipes of gas, water, telecommunication, and environmental crossings markets. Being supported by directionally controlled mud motors and advanced cutting tools of oil & gas drilling industry; these plants are capable of constructing crossing under obstacles up to 1500 meters. If required higher capacity drilling plants can be obtained through our joint venture relationships


  • The least possible damage on the surface.
  • Ground water level is insignificant.
  • Curved, deep and small size installations can be made.
  • Very quick process and therefore most economical and environment friendly.


  • Skilled operators are required.
  • Only flexible pipes can be installed.
  • Underground strikes are possible therefore utility mapping is necessary.

Technical Data

  • Lenghts Up to 1500 meters
  • Diameters 50 to 750 mm
  • Materials Steel or HDPE

Horizontal Directional Drilling Procedure

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